At age 4 Mitchell began playing drums for his home church. At age 6 he had a desire to play piano but just couldn't seem to figure it out. So one night Mitchell and his dad John went to visit at a local church where there was a visiting Musician (Don Warren). So as Mitchell sat there and listened to Don play music he looked up at his dad and said "Dad, I want to be able to play piano like that". So after service was over Mitchell's dad took him to the front of the church and asked Don Warren to pray for Mitchell, so he did. After Mitchell returned home he believed that God had given him the gift to play piano. So he walked over to his piano and tried to play but still couldn't. The next morning when Mitchell woke up he walked over to his piano and he began to play music on the piano. At the age of 8 Mitchell received  the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior.At age 9 Mitchell learned to play guitar. And since then Mitchell has learned to play many other instruments as well. Also at age 9 is when Mitchell began his music ministry. Traveling to different churches playing and singing for the Lord. When Mitchell was 12 years old he received his exhorters license. At the age of 16 Mitchell joined the Lighthouse Gospel Music Association, 

Mitchell Whisnant

I have been traveling and singing since age 9, I love to write and sing songs that help people through the struggles of everyday life, and let them know that even in the hardest times, God is still God and He is with us every step of the way.

John Whisnant

Hi, I'm John, I am the Bassist for Mitchell Whisnant Music.

I have been in music ministry since 1992 and I have been the worship leader for the South Mountain Praise Band from 2004 to present. And I am the Proud father of Mitchell Whisnant , and we look forward to being with you soon! God Bless.

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